Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Secret to Obtaining Investment in Your Project Is Revealed

The quest for the unknown drives all of us at Display Week.  A passion for changing the future of the display industry is in our DNA. To support these endeavors, we need funding, and so guidance in obtaining investment was a major topic in the Business Conference at Display Week 2018.

The “normally” important issues of market, technology, uniqueness, and prototyping were considered but largely set aside as not being the main drivers. 

Stephen Saltzman told us the secret that drives a VC or Private Equity Group to invest in your vision and passion:  Investors need to get to know you and then talk in depth with your suppliers and future customers. If the suppliers and future customers are excited about making you successful, then you are a good investment. 

If the people around you are not interested in your success and are not personally motivated to see you realize the business, investors walk away. 

Each of us must realize building a passionate support team excited about our success signals great confidence to investors. – Gary Feather

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