Friday, May 25, 2018

Cool, Color-Reflective Watch Display from CLEARink

At its Display Week booth, electrophoretic display (EPD) company CLEARink, showed a color, video-rate, reflective watch display. The company noted the significant improvements in its display's specifications since last year.

The current watch-display prototype has a 16:1 contrast ratio, improved color gamut, 202-dpi resolution, and 35 percent reflectance for white. As expected with this technology, the display is sunlight readable.

The display uses a matrix color filter, which has produced poor reflectivity and color gamut in older EPD implementations. CLEARink's EPD approach produces a more reflective monochrome display, which results in a significantly brighter color display when the color filter is added.

The company anticipates having displays in customer products by early 2019. – Ken Werner

CLEARink has improved all of its significant display specifications over the last year to produce this bright, colorful reflective display. Photo: Ken Werner

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